Person writing "We pursue diversity"

Our research group is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our academic endeavors and in our community. We strive to maintain a respectful, safe, and welcoming environment for students and researchers of all backgrounds and identities, including students of color, female students, and other historically underrepresented students. We believe that research and scientific progress are enhanced by the creativity that comes from diverse and collaborative groups of individuals with a wide range of unique experiences and personal histories.

Estéfan is personally committed to DEI. Prior to embarking in his graduate studies, he served as a residential advisor for the Summer Math and Science Honors Academy (SMASH) at UCLA, where he helped prepare high school scholars for the rigors of college and taught them concepts they will need in their first year of science and engineering courses. As a graduate student and as a postdoc, he served as a panel speaker to offer career and graduate school advice to undergraduates at various events, including at the 2020 Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers National Convention. 

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